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Find answers to some commonly asked questions below. If we couldn’t guess what you were going to ask, head over to the contact tab and ask away. If the question is cool enough, it’ll land on this page for everyone to see.

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If you need support or your question isn’t answered here, you can

  • Call us @ (225) 279-2244
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Dot Calm...I LOVE the name. How'd you come up with it?

Our fearless leader was on break in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant, contemplating how to take a hobby turned passion into something catchy–something worth remembering. After reading several books on opening  a small business and the do’s and dont’s of running said business, the goal in creating the name of the company surrounded what the website would be called. So after several average name picks (some even silly), all that was constant was the “dot com” pronounced at the end of each semi-sweet name. It wasn’t long after that using “calm” instead of “com” sounded like an excellent play on words and pretty freakin awesome at the same time. So that’s how it happened.

Do you make office visits or housecalls?

Yes and yes! If it’s more convenient for us to visit you because of concerns with data privacy or you just don’t feel like fighting the spaghetti jungle of wires behind the desk, we’ll gladly set up a time to visit your home or office.  We also offer remote services that allow us to diagnose and resolve most issues in a time and cost effective manner. If you need onsite or remote support, click here.

How long will it take to have my device serviced or repaired?

Great question.  That’s totally dependent on what service needs to be performed. Most repairs happen with in 1-3 business days, depending on volume and whether or not parts need to be ordered to complete your service. If you need your repair completed sooner, we do offer priority service for a small fee that allows your repair to begin by the first available technician.

Most phone repairs are complete within an hour*

Most tablet repairs are done within one business day*


*Applicable to iPhone and iPad devices, as long as parts are available. Please call or contact us to ensure we have what you need for your repair if you have a time sensitive repair.
Do I need an appointment for service?

No appointments are necessary at Dot Calm. However, if you need a consultation for creative services (i.e. web design, graphic design) or any tutoring/training, we will make an appointment to dedicate a team member to your specific needs with minimal interruption.

Appointments are also recommended when service is needed outside of normal business hours.

What are Managed Services?

Hmmm…we’re still gathering our thoughts on answering this.

I like what I see and hear about Dot Calm. Are you hiring?

Hmmm…we’re still gathering our thoughts on answering this.

Will you repair my device if I ship it to you?

Yes, but let me gather the details and get back with you. Feel free to contact us here in the meantime.