Computer Sales, Service & Repair

For your home or small/medium business, Dot Calm will build, service, repair and maintain your computers and other technology


Any problem, any brand–I.T. solutions for everyone

Smartphone & Tablet Repair

Cracked screens, charging issues, battery replacements and more. Dot Calm provides service to your smartphones and tablets–most times while you wait

Managed Services

Proactive service, predictable costs.  Managed Services allows Dot Calm to monitor and manage your technology and remotely resolve issues when they arise

Network Design, Security and Implementation

Commercial and residential network design and setup. Secure. Wired or wireless. Call Dot Calm to make sure your networks are clean, efficient and secure

Virtual CIO
I.T. Consulting

Dot Calm can provide a technology expert or entire team, even if the budget won’t allow for a full time staff.  Let us strategically advise on healthy, positive technology decisions

We’ve got I.T. and we got you, too.

As technology evolves, so should your use of technology. But change isn’t always easy for everyone. Dot Calm helps by providing solutions that are cost effective and time effective and ensure a smooth transition from legacy equipment to faster, better technology.

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Any brand, any problem. IT solutions for everyone

Let our technology experts do what they do best

Regardless of what type of computer you have or where you bought it from, Dot Calm is ready to service, upgrade or repair your equipment. We support pre-built desktops and laptops, custom built PCs, all Apple products and more. We even service projectors, make wireless router recommendations, and help you secure your home or office with surveillance installations. The question isn't if we can help--it's When do we start?``


Stress free, worry free Technology Solutions

Dot Calm reduces the headache and stress associated with the frustration of technology at home, at work or on the move.

Get back to work--or whatever you do best--and allow Dot Calm to function as your technical liaison. We can handle everything from sales and service to maintenance and repair. Dot Calm can also work with your email, domain, hosting, and graphic/website design.


We care about the environment, too

Reducing E-Waste by Refurbishing, Recycling the rest

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and through the relationship between Dot Calm and CACRC, we are able to refurbish or modify certain technology to extend the life and use of these devices. Instead of throwing electronics away, we will either prepare it for extended life if feasible or prepare it for recycling so the materials can be separated and processed. Help us reduce the growing Electronic Waste issue and drop off your unwanted electronic devices during business hours or request a pick up below

How do I know if I need an IT Company?

Not only a great question, but a frequent and valid one. Here are a few things to consider when picking your next I.T. Company:


Dot Calm will meet with you to assess your current technology and, with knowledge and professionalism, be able to offer the technical recommendations to satisfy your current and future tech needs. Being creative with budgets and strategic with technology is kind of a specialty of ours.

What most companies don’t realize is the hidden costs associated with slower performing technology or less secure networks.  Increased downtime and decreased employee performance are key issues that are often overlooked.  Let Dot Calm perform a technology assessment to determine if and where your company is leaking money or time due to less than stellar computers or networks.

With the trends in technology leading to more cloud computing, you don’t need a server to utilize the services of Dot Calm.  Or, perhaps a server might help implement some of the options to increase performance, innovation or security of the workplace.  It’s so easy to call Dot Calm and schedule a consultation.

Data breaches are more of a commonplace more now than ever.  With the constant and ever-growing threat of cyber attacks, keep in mind that we only see the larger, more relevant attacks broadcasted through the news outlets. Dot Calm understands cyber threats and what it takes to ensure that your organization’s security is proper and consistent.

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Meet The Dream Team

Founder, CEO
Claude Louis

Our fearless leader! Kind of a big deal, this guy. Sharp, witty, and master of presence repair. A Visionary in the making who knows a lot about a little bit and a little bit about a lot.

Office Mangaer
Jessica Esnault

Vibrant, upbeat, outgoing. Jessica loves what she does and it shows. From keeping up with checks to keeping us in check, she's a necessary part of Dot Calm.

Social Media Manager

When we serve as many as we do, it's near impossible to update our feeds or keep up with timelines. Enter Michelle. From researching share-worthy tech news to maintaining our digital reputation, Michelle is the bees knees.

Bernard Smith

Oh Bernard. He doesn't actually work here. As a matter of fact, we don't even know who he is. This is just a placeholder for our next awesome team member. Could that be you?

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Dot Calm implements dynamic IT solutions to solve business problems and streamline client-focused technology to promote maximum productivity and minimal downtime.
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